It Is Well....

 Doesn't it seem like your life is just flying by, we are already in April and I still feel like I am trying to catch up from the holidays. From running an online boutique and keeping up with the hubs travel schedule life can get, well, CRAZY. I was talking to my mentor the other day and I was telling her that when I opened the store I so wanted to be able to give back to other's with the sales from Sideline. She challenged me, just do it! So I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Houston's Prodigal Son House. 
The Prodigal Son House is a ministry in Houston, TX that takes in the homeless, victims of abuse, and recovering addicts. They combine a discipleship program, a transitional living facility and emergency shelter available to anyone in need. I absolutely love their hearts and so I am excited to announce 100% of the profits from the "It Is Well" tank is going straight to buy toiletry items for them. Why toiletry items you ask? Well a lot of the time these people will arrive with absolutely nothing, we want to come along side them and create bags for each individual with just the human necessities! 
If you would rather give to them directly they have a link on their website. We also challenge you to pray for them. After all we have all needed some help at one time or another right?