Grammy's Recap- Not Your Grammy's Fashion Blog

Hi Ladies, 

So we all watched as Ciara rocked the baby bump, Madonna rocked the grill, and Beyonce rocked the Bootay! The night was filled with stars getting lost in Farrell's hat, dancing with robots again, and watching Taylor Swift literally headband her way through a county song. The combination of hot-mess mets high-fashion is always fun to unwind. Below are some of the looks we are completely OBSESSED with! 



Can you say precious? Ciaraaaaa- I think all of us want to look like you Pre-Baby and look like Beyonce Post-Baby.



The big theme of the night was metal mets sequins. It was all about the classic cuts meets a fabulous party with glitter. We cannot say enough about how beautiful Christine Teigen looked. Completely angelic! 




PINK rocked our favorite bold color this season- RED! The way the dress fit her was sexy and classic. Totally a fabulous moment for such an amazing singer.



What can you say- when you have everyday moments that are full of glam like Rita Ora normally has, it was so powerful to see her rock something understated and amazing. The green color with again, such a classic cut made this moment totally stunning! 



But the night's winner, for us, was Taylor Swift. It was so refreshing to see her with soft beautiful curls and this GORG dress by Gucci. To the normal people, on TV, it looked like full glitter but it was really a light mesh of metal overlaying a beautiful silk. She looked AMAZING! Such a WOW moment. 



Sideline Sass