We love LOVE!

It's that season again - pink hearts and roses cover the aisle in every grocery store. Next Friday is the day: it is either the day you are showered with gifts from your love or it is National Single Awareness Day. Have no fear here at Sideline we have both sides of the spectrum. However, regardless of your relationship status, when going out on Valentine's Day with or without a date there is one rule: YOU MUST LOOK HOT. You either have to look hotter than all the other girls to attract the man of your dreams or you have to look hotter than everyone else so that your man can brag that you are his girl!! Here is our pick for Valentines Day featuring our girl Alex with Typical Southern Sweetheart. Follow her on Instagram: @typical_southernsweetheart - she has a super cute and posh style. We LOVE her pics below:
No matter how you are going to spend Valentine's Day just know We LOVE YOU !! 
Sideline Sass