Purposefully Repurposing

So you want to have a beautiful house and a big beautiful closet filled with beautiful clothes from Sideline Sass… sometimes that is not always a reality. Well, let us clarify this blog is to show you how to save on the big beautiful house so you can buy the closet full of beautiful clothes. We wanted to introduce you all to our favorite repurposing ideas from our beloved Pinterest. 

So what is it? A bird bath spray painted gold to place your bubble bath objects next to your bath. Can you stand how cute and how smart?!
We love this idea. I think it is everyone's dream to rest in a peaceful white room. These lights are from Home Depot painted white and the doors were repurposed. Precious.
So you have all of these precious doilies laying around your grandmother's home…. what to do with them? Sew them together, or heck just glue them tougher. We absolutely love white on white so in our eyes this is perfection. 
Ok lets say SMART!!!! Use PVC piping to hold the wire and items. Use the 1 or 1/2 inch pipe for the wire and 2 inch for the actual curlers.  Our bathroom sinks are going to finally look clean!!! 
Perfect for any guest room. I don't know if I would roll my towels every time I used them but I love the idea of having this in the guest bathroom. Of course this is a wine holder repurposed as a towel rack. Another good one!
We love the idea of using shower curtain hangers to hold up and organize your necklaces. I have also seen it to hold and organize your scarfs. This might come in handy for all of your Sideline bling. 
Hopefully these gave you some new ideas on how to be purposefully in your repurpose ideas. 
Sideline Sass