Running- Phaha! At Least Look Good While Running

Runners, why do they always look so good… I go running and I know I don't look like that. I am not by any means a runner but secretly I really, and I mean really, want to be. Here are some fun gadgets that will make you want to be a runner even more! 

Hydration is key we all know this but does your water bottle give you that same spa-like water?! I doubt it! With this water bottle you will be able to press lemons, limes, or clementines. Not to mention the green coloring is precious. 

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle, $18.

Fanny Pack alert!!! It is the easiest way to run hands free- forget the locker, put your keys and earrings, which you alway forget to take off until you start running, inside and worry no more. Bringing back the 80's in style! 

You have seen them- there are all kinds of bands out there that will track your health sleep, intake, protein, energy and steps. Our sister, Lauren, is obsessed with this little thing. We laugh as she checks her sleep numbers every morning but I guarantee you she knows more about her body than we know of ours. 

Jawbone Up 24 Band, $150.

Now we can't say this enough- you feel how you look!! No matter how you much you hate the gym it is so much easier to look cute while working out. We love love love Athleta… check them out!! 

Last but not least- our take on chapstick!!! Sugar Honey by Fresh is our favorite. Easy to throw on and feel a little bit better about your work out. Throw it on before- yeah we know you do- or after to run your errands. It feels good and looks even better. 

We hope you love these little blogs and peaks into our lives. Let us know if you have a topic or question and we will blog about it!!! 


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