Dress Up!

I am still a 4-year-old little princess at heart- I LOVE LOVE sequins! Most sequin skirts are always on the shorter side which is why we bought the Sparkler. Lets just say it screamed out to us. You don't usually see a Pencil Skirt that is entirely sequins. The color was also unique- yes it was silver but the silver is more of a charcoal color. Anyways, we love it! We were so excited that our new friend Lynne Gabriel wanted to post about it on her blog. She is located in Houston, TX which tugs at my heart strings because my husband and I were there for the past couple of years with the Rockets. Here are some of her pictures!! She is rocking The Sparkler, The Back to Basics Top, and Southern Pride Necklace
Please check out Lynne's blog- we are in love with her trendy fashion tip and all her picks!! Too precious!! 
XoXo, Sideline Sass