Go After Her

((Warning: may contain cliche statements))


"Beauty" in this society is so deformed I wonder where it is even attainable?




I recently saw this large-retailer's advertisement pictures of the arm fat being taken out and the crotch half-way missing it finally clicked to me… something is wrong! We are a society obsessed with skinny. We look up to people who have eating disorder. I know when I saw pictures of people like Demi Lovato and Kesha there was a point in my life where I just kept thinking: 'what am I doing wrong, and why can't I look like them?'


I am strong believer that comparison is a thief of all joy. Not to mention the cliche quote of “ Do not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” That what we are doing on our journey to be "skinny."


We are all looking at pictures of people on pinterest, magazines, and television. That is someone else’s journey, remember that is NOT yours. I am not trying to tell you what to believe but as a Christian, I believe, we are made this way. Think about Eve and how women came to be formed...We were created from a rib. The rib which protects the organ of our existence. We long to be close to tenderness just like our ribs. We long to protect thing- just like our ribs. Us, unlike men did not come from dirt. (Ha-ha-ha, had to throw that in there :) )


We came from beauty. We came from a body.


Maybe that’s why we stress over trying to find "beauty" through bodies. We all have heard of the ten commandments. And we have all thought we were clear on at least one commandment .... "Do not murder." But have we? Have we murdered?


Yes, you’ve murdered your own spirit when you look in the mirror and talk about how your thighs are too big and you wish this or that was different. Have you ever looked at another girl and criticized her size? Yes, you my friend have murdered her spirit. We do it to each other all the time. Insulting God’s creation and insulting the beauty that he created. The beauty that surrounds us.


I believe we are provided with this body. This body is our one and only. You must remember that as cliche as it sounds your body is a holy temple. Treating food as a clutch is just as bad. I am aware that I do this. Eating when I am bored or giving myself a reward when I have worked hard. It came to me that I am not a dog, I don't just need to eat all of the time.


Just as I need to love my outside appearance I must love the inside of mine as well.


This includes eating well and making sure all vital levels are at the level they should be. I have a B12 deficiency which affects my body's energy a lot. It is up to me to make sure my blood levels don't go too low. { A side public service announcement: I think that everyone really should get their blood tested. How can you know yourself if you don't truly know what is going on inside of you?}


Now it is a journey but this is my start and I vow to not compare my starts to other girls finish line. I will love my body on the inside and out. I may never be a size zero but I know being able to do an ironman would feel a hell of a lot better. Look in the mirror, that’s your competition. GO AFTER HER. Prove to her that she deserves better. Prove to her that she can beat her running mile time tomorrow.



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