5 Steps to Surviving Summer Fashionably

This season we are seeing the hot weather even sooner. How to beat the heat and still look cute? Here is our list of what you need to look for in a summer outfit to survive these months fashionably. 



1. Strapless, Strapless, Strapless: We know that word is terrifying to some people but let's be honest, no one wants to be sweaty and wear sleeves. Pit-stains are never a good look. This sweet maxi has a built in bra so all sizes will feel supported and comfortable in this. 
2. Sweet-Heart Cut: This is such a slimming look. No matter what size of bra you wear, this cut gives any dress a little extra detailing and at the same time creates an eye-catch for your clavicle bone area. Hint: if you use bronzer and lightly brush over and under the clavicle-bone it will give it more of a "contoured" look. 
3. Half-Way Lining: This trend has really taken off this summer. This look is amazing, showing off a little leg, yet keeping it covered to give some mystery. Practically speaking this is such a blessing for us Southern-Chick's finally we will have some air movement through maxi dresses. 
4. Neon Jewelry: Go ahead and get a couple of neon jewelry statement pieces. It is worth the money, this trend is going to take off this season and you might want to be prepared. When you find your favorite "go-to" necklace like this one you will find yourself wearing it everyone, over bathing-suit cover-ups, to run errands over white v-necks, and with stand-out dresses like this one. 
5. Bold Prints: The theme this summer in fashion is "Go big or go home." You will always stand out and look amazing in this year's aztec prints. Do not be afraid, you can totally pull these prints off! 
Sideline Sass Boutique