Thankful Season


Now that Halloween has past we are in the full HOLIDAY swing. It is so hard not to get too excited about Christmas and forget all about Thanksgiving. With the focus on Black Friday, Gifts, and Sales we get caught up too. We just wanted to write you a sweet note and thank you for following our boutique. What started as a pipe dream has become a reality and it is because of blessings that we believe come from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are so lucky to have met you along the way and feel so honored that you want to shop with us!



From a full heart THANK YOU for EVERYTHING, for the Likes on Instagram, for the followers on Twitter, to the opinions on Like to Carry, and the sweet notes of encouragement. We are so happy you choose to shop with us. We LOVE each of you! 
Hugs and let us be the first to say Happy Thanksgiving! ;)
XoXo, Sideline Sass Boutique