3 is a huge NUMER for US!


Dolls, I really cannot believe another year has come and gone! Three years ago today we went live, I remember the feeling of clicking the final button and that fear that settled in as I began this journey. What started off as 6 Gameday dress options is now a full website! I smiling so big as I write that. I am just in awe of what the Lord has done with this pipe dream! I have so many people that I need to thank so this is my virtual hug for each of you!

-My Lord, Jesus Christ- thank you for this vision. I am so humbled that it has grown and I know that is not of my own works but your's. You continue to be my strength on the long days.Thank you.

-My Hubs- thank you for joining me in making the initial investment in SS. You pushed me to chase my dream and always remind me to remember what I love about it. You encourage and believe in me. (PS Thank you for cooking me dinner, outside of basketball season of course, while I worked on SS) I love you. HUGS!

-My sweet sweet models, wow you all are absolutely beautiful inside and out. SS wouldn't be where it is without you. We have had so much fun on even the smallest shoots. I am so lucky to call each of you friends and to get to dress you up to take pics! I seriously am so thankful for each of you!!! HUGS!

-Callie, thank you for being there for me. For listening to me and helping me be a better business owner. Your creativity is amazing, it truly challenges me to think outside the box. HUGS!

-Hannah, my very talented videographer and photographer! Your creativity is mind-blowing. Thank you for dreaming with me and seeing my vision. Thank you for pushing me to do things bigger. HUGS!

-Friends & Family, y'all have supported this pipe dream from day one. Thank you for brainstorming with me and encouraging me. Thank you being SS biggest fans! I couldn't do this without y'all. I hope you have gotten some pieces you absolutely love. I love each of you. HUGS!

-You, whoever reads this and shops SS. I want you to know that each dollar you spend directly effects my family. That is the beauty of small business right? That you can impact someone's life by simply supporting their dream. I see your names come across the orders and I cherish each of you. You are the heart beat of this store and so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


Now for some very fun news: Three is not only a huge number for us this year because how many years we have been open.... our family is growing to three! (Four if you count sweet Marley Sue). We are extremely excited to announce that we will have a new fashionista joining the SS family in March. Thank you for joining us as we pray for a healthy and smooth arrival for Baby V. Come March we will most likely take a "time out" of sorts for a couple weeks to welcome our little diva, we hope you will extend us grace during that time of transition. 

Overall my heart is overfilled with joy! SS means so much to me and I am thankful you are following along! Happy HAPPY HAPPY birthday Sideline Sass!


Megan V- SS Owner/Founder