Vacay Time

STOP Right THERE.... this blog is a little different than our norm. It is more of a personal letter to you, yes you, whoever you are! We are thankful for you. So thankful that you follow us and love us! We have been a little bit less personal in most of our past blogs because we felt like you, honestly, might not care! However, Sideline is such a huge part of my personal life that I wanted to dig a little deeper.

So last week we went on vacation! It was wonderful. Just me and the hubs. We went to Punta Cana which I have to say was beautiful. After getting back to the reality of emails, orders, and etc today I started to think about this blog.


Do you know how rare vacations are becoming in America? Well let me tell you... 


- The average American is given 14 days of vacation time last year and only took 10. 

-The Huffington Post said that the top reason Americans don't take their entire amount of vacation is "they don't want to be seen as replaceable."

Here are the other reasons sited by the Huffington Post:

-Actually 42% of all Americans didn't take a single day of vacation. (Can you believe that?)


Here are some more insights that literally blew our mind:

Women took fewer vacation days than men.

Younger workers tended to use fewer vacation days.

People living in the suburbs took more vacation days. 

People in the West took more vacation days than those in other regions. 

Workers with higher incomes took more vacation.


With that all being said, I have a confession. IT WAS HARD. So hard in fact that I truly didn't do it correctly, how can you do "vacationing" correctly you ask? You disconnect. I couldn't (ahh) I felt so much pressure that if I didn't post, I might loose a follower or 1000. (haha). My darling hubby was the one that said, "listen do it for me. Let it go. The one's who love you will be there when we return." So I did, I let it go. Yes, I posted three times last week (hand-slap time I know) but I have to say it was nice. It was nice to know that you, again.. yes, you are here when I got back. 


For that I have to say Thank You! Thank you for following along. Shopping when the items are a "must-own" and just giving breath into this crazy dream of mine. 


I hope you will take a vacation. You deserve it.