Merry Christmas To YOU!

Merry Christmas Dolls! 
I don't know about you but I L-O-V-E Christmas! There is something so special about this time of the year. From the replaying of old Bing Crosby tunes to my favorite N'SYNC album of all time. From the fun glitzy gift wrap, to the twinkling lights on the tree. From the smells of home-made candy and cookies to the hustle around town! I just adore this season!
Although this season brings so much sparkle, our family has an intense Christmas schedule. Usually December is full of basketball games, this year we had the hubs in town for a total of 8 days. {Yes, I know how crazy is that?? I am ok with sharing him though because he truly LOVES what he does.}  That mixed with a packed month of orders from all of you with SS makes for a very busy month for us. To top that I am usually so bad about over-committing. I am the one normally volunteering our time even when we don't have any time to give! I have to confess, I am bad but that was until I was given good advice by a devotion book I am reading. 
The advice was simply just to take time and rest. I made a decision to make down time in my planner (yes I am a nerdy planner girl) to relax. Each week I would take at least two days and just do nothing. It was amazing, I spent time reading. I had time for bubble baths. I relaxed and watched cheesy Hallmark movies. I just had time to enjoy the season because I chose to. I am going to try and bring this mindset into the New Year! I hope you will do the same, even if you can do it every week, just take some time to relax before the beginning of the year! 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
-Sideline Sass