WE HOPE FOR WINGS. Thats right we are jumping ship and hoping that you guys will help give us wings to fly.

We are the Aggie party kinda like the Tea Party but the Aggie party. We are tired of expensive prices for maroon clothes. We understand we are in the SEC now; we have to step up our game day apparel. Jerseys do not cut it anymore. I am personally tired of having to go to five stores all around town just to find a single dress to wear the game. Let's be honest Post Oak has little to offer us divas. Plus, sometimes you find a great dress, show up to game day, and walk within three tailgates seeing the same dress you are wearing. I know what you're thinking 'Beyonce would never have this problem' and now neither will you!

We make the promise to shop often and update often to make sure to have limited amounts of each item. We only provide true maroon clothes. We must stop the Crimson Offenders; your school colors are maroon and white! We want to give you a variety of maroon too and of course they will be fashionable! They will be something you will make an excuse to sport on North Gate or out to dinner with friends. All the while, we will carry perfect "Must-Haves". This means basically anything that is trendy or looks too comfortable, classy, and just too sassy not to buy!

So buckle up because we are about to make our Spirit Walk a runway!


Sarah 'Sideline Sassy' Stene