Sweet Sideline! 

WOW- 4 years! Who would have guessed when I opened 4 years ago today with 6 Gameday Dress (at the end of Gameday Season-- shows you how much I knew- hehe) we would end up here today! I just love you. 

You have brought me so many new friends, memories and adorable clothes! You have given me an outlet for my creativity and have really pushed me as a business owner. You have tested my endurance on those crazy days when I was working full time, pregnant and had multiple orders to fill every night. You have made me stronger. 


There are so many people I need to thank! First, of all I thank God for giving me this desire and passion. Secondly, I have to thank Mitch, my hubs, for not only agreeing to invest the original investment but how much he has sacrificed for this business as well! (You wonder who takes the packages to the post office daily, well now you know!) Mitch- you are my rock. I love you. To my models who are now some of my closest friends THANK YOU! Thank you for not only being beautiful and allowing me to play dress up with you but for being incredibly encouraging and sweet. Thank you to the three interns I have had over the past year- you have kept me from pulling my hair out! Finally thank you- if you have liked a picture, bought a sweater, tuned into a VIP Live video-- THANK YOU! I have been so blessed by YOU! You give breath daily into my dream but supporting SS. 


Happy 4th Birthday SS!