About Us

Every girl wants the response of, "You look so cute! Where did you get that?!" This boutique is catered to the girl who wants to look precious, unique, and sassy on and off the sideline of any sport. We opened our doors for the girl who knows the importance of representing her school by sporting her colors well.

This store is Aggie owned and operated by two sisters, Megan & Sarah. The boutique's blogs and social media are run by Sarah, who truly knows how to make people smile and has a gift with humor. The owner, Megan, has always wanted to own her own boutique. Her sweet husband is on the coaching staff for the NBA and so she knows the importance of finding the right colors and styles on and off the sideline. She pursues this adventure by following the words of her favorite Dallas fashionista, Courtney Kerr - "If your dreams don't scare you; they are not big enough!" 



We love basketball, football, and baseball, but even more than sports, we love the challenge of finding outfits that make a statement. Our high-end-fashions will always be affordable because we believe you shouldn't have to spend a ton in order to look precious! Each piece is thought-through and hand-selected by our owners and now every Monday....by YOU. We want to hear from you so shop along with us every Monday on our FB page for "Like To Carry".  It is our hope that Sideline will become your go-to place for high-quality and can't-help-but-buy purchases!

In the south, we love sweet tea, tailgating, big hair, and our schools, so yell loud and look amazing!