About Us


"If your dreams don't scare you; they are not big enough!"

-Courtney Kerr 



Sideline Sass. You might think, super cute name but what the heck? What does fashion have to do with sports? Well in my life it is everything. I am a coach’s wife. Yes, I go to about 60+ basketball games a year. You might get the wrong impression so I am going to crush the image you have in your head right now. I am not a sports-fanatic. I am not athletic at all. I just love my hubs. There is something special though about a sporting event, the lights, the dancers, the loud music, the sounds of the crowd, and in our world the fashions you see along the sideline. 


You see I have always wanted to own my store. I had this image of starting my own brick and morter location and settling down somewhere near my family. Well you know the saying “tell God your plans and he laughs”…. story of my life. I’m incredibly blessed though to have a husband that encourages me and pushes me to reach for even the hard goals. So one night I pitched the idea to invest in a crazy idea called “Sideline Sass”. He is a brave soul, we invested and 3 years later here we are. 


Sideline has meant so much to me. It is an outlet to be creative. It sometimes is a friend, being that I am a new mommy and well sometimes you need a little adult interaction. It is a challenge to find that next perfect piece to add to our collection. It is sometimes incredibly difficult, pushing me and making me second guess my every move. It is my true love.


It is my hope that when you shop here you will find something that you love. Something that makes you feel beautiful. Something that doesn’t break your bank but yet you feel like a million bucks. I hope you will LOVE everything about Sideline Sass because I do.